Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IM bIG!!!

hello every one.... i have a great news... today, I am officially









mommy and daddy kept saying that they are happy that I am big and healthy...

Since I am a big boy now, I've learned to do few things...

a) now I know how to army crawl... but at the same time, I can do the normal crawl but a step at a time. but sometimes when I want to get something and crawling takes time *I'm still learning on how to use these things attached to me, which daddy always refer to as hands and legs...* i just do my stunt by leaping to the front.... but it hurts!!!!

b) now I know when i yell, mommy/ daddy/ tok mama/ tok we/ kakak will come and get me. then, they will bring me to jalan- jalan. hehehe..

c) i know if tok mama wears her scarf, it means going out time. I loveeee going out.

d) oh!!! i also know how to give a high 5. daddy taught me this.

e) i hate eating apple... it give me stomach ache and when i poo poo, it stinks!!!

f) talk about poo poo, i dont like leaving the poop at my bum bum for a long time. eeeeeeee... even when i pee, mommy always change it every two hours. tq mommy....

g) another favourite thing that i like to do is to bath. Bathing and swimming are my things. i like it when water being splash... fun!!! fun!!!

hhmmmphhh... I'm tired of typing. can I stop now mommy??? i want to drink milk. can we continue later???

mommy: OK DARLING!!!!

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