Monday, August 24, 2009

3rd day of puasa

Today is the 3rd day of puasa... n 2day we had the chance to break fast with papa n mama. pa ma treated us at Seri Pacific, papa's favourite place for every year... buffet dia byk choices. ada... local food, sushi stall, italian stall, arab stall, fusion, etc. the food was nice n kitorang kenyang banget!!! thanx pa n ma...

**saje jer buang masa while tunggu buka pose**

**soon to be tok we'**

** tok we' n tok mama**

**this is wat i had... i trus gi main course.. wakaka.. takde masa nak makan starters. lapar sgt**

**bB pun xde masa nak makan starters. yer la kitorg sahur ala kadar jer... ni baru sket... byk lagi yg bB makan... hehehe.. kanak2 membesar kate kan....**

actually ade byk lg photo yg kitorg amik tp dh xlarat nak upload.. ngantok... hehehe...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

WSP 8278

bB bought tis bike abt 4 months ago but i havent got the chance to see him ride it, ini kan pula nak naik... coz time dia beli, i baru pregnant... n i'm not allowed to ride the bike. so tis is the 1st time i tgk bB naik... comel tol...

our favourite number

strolling around

updates on my hand..

my hand after 2 days... huhuh... i dh jpe doctor... doctor kate sum ppl mmg mcm ni jadi... cian my bB... mesti ingat dia dera i... hehehe.. my bB wont do such a thing to me... he loves me... n he is a very nice and gud person....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa!!!

bB n i would like to wish all the Muslims... Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Yang Mulia, Selamat Berpuasa....


Today, bB n i tak keje. Cuti. coz nak g gynae appt n run some erran with mommy dearest. we started the day dgn amik mama kat umah dia. then, g bfast kat kedai mamak nearby. tgh makan dpt plak msg dr clinic yg dr chung ada emergency procedure. so dia suh dtg lmbt sket. ptt nye appt kol 10am so we took our time mkn n reached there abt 1030am. spi je kene wat urine test. bl dh turn kitorg, dr chung scanned my tummy. alhamdulillah... semuanye ok n dr chung tunjukkan the real bukti yang our baby is a boy. gembira tol my bB n my mom. b4 blek, dr chung amik darah. byk tol n spi bengkak tgn i...

**bengkak sket je.. xteruk pun.. manja jer lebih... hehehe **

Abis je appt, kitorg trus g atria. nak beli stroller. kitorg dh tgk dh ari tu. my bB berkenan peg perego skate...

Tp... berat sgt... the stroller itself weigh between 12kg to 14kg. tu tk termasuk baby lg. my mom tak berapa setuju wpun she said that the design is nice. she said tat i'm small... nnt sorg2 nak angkat stroller masuk kete.. naya.... at it will take up space. lain la klu i dribe 4 wheel or mpv. ni naik vios jer... mane muat. in the end, we decided to take peg perego pliko p3 coz of the features n tak berat sgt, abt 8 kg je. n we got carry cot, carrier cum car seat n diaper bag 4 a very good price.


  • One-hand folding for quick closing and carrying

  • Travel System-compatible-the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat attaches easily
  • Hinged front tray opens and removes easily
  • Hood with handy pocket has peek-a-boo window and unzips to become sun canopy
  • Large, handy storage basket holds necessities
  • Telescoping handles with ergonomic rubber grips and a side cup holder that attaches and detaches easily
  • Comfortable, contoured seat
  • Unique five-point "Freedom of Movement" safety harness for security and well-being of the child
  • Built-in rear footboard provides safe ride for second passenger
  • All-wheel suspension, swivel front wheels, "one-step" rear wheel brakes
  • Four-position backrest, two-position footrest
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Handle for carrying when folded
  • Removable, hand-washable upholstery
  • Variety of useful accessories available (sold separately)
  • JPMA* safety certified
  • Made in Italy

But we will only be getting the item in december as i don want take the display unit.. coz ade satu jer yang tinggal. tapi bB n i still undecided whwther to take red or blue. so, nnt brg sampai baru kitorg choose coz store asst. tu kate each color akan datang at least 1 set. so tunggu jer la... pastu, my mom nak g mothercare klcc. dia nak sgt beli utk cucu dia moses basket. ingat nak beli moses basket jer, tp kitorg terbeli barang2 lain gak tapi dlm quantity yg kecil la...hehehe...

**sepatutnye the bottom of the basket tu ade white color cover yang cantik tp mama amik utk bawk ke tailor utk wat cover baru. so togel la basket tu. Basket comes with thin mattress**

**These are the other items beli; fitted sheet for moses basket, blanket for the basket (blue), 7 pcs short sleeves bodysuit, 2 sets of long sleeves body suits (white), 2 mittens n a hat**

....mama n papa tak sabar nak jumpe baby..... n tq tok mama n tok we' for the moses basket.
Pas dah puas bershopping, antar mama blek then trus g physio. today is my last day. by 5pm abis the session. singgah kedai buku jap n spi umah by 6pm. ala... cam ari keje je... huhuh.. penat...
n...i'm so happy today n yesterday coz bB did all the cooking. and he is a great cook. esterday dia masak ayam masak cili hijau dgn telur goreng. n today dia masak ayam mexican berlada. sedap!!! thx darling.. luv u so much,...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Water Birth

Even tho it's still far away from my due date, tapi i still cant help it thiking abt way of birth. i know tis is a bit radical than wat we r use to in malaysia... but still... salah satu option kn??? if im not mistaken, Gleneagles ade kn offer such facility??? hmmph... i wonder.. khamis ni nak tye my dr chung during my gynae appt... for those yang nak tau more abt the water birth.... sila la bace yer....

(Courtesy from

For many soon-to-be parents around the world, giving birth in water is still not a top choice but there is a growing interest in this birthing method because of its many mother and child-friendly benefits.

Water birthing may have just started to gain popularity in the west, but the idea is not new. Traditionally, women in Romania have been giving birth in warm natural pools (usually in the summer) for a long time with few complications even before 1960, when Igor Tjarkovsky, a Soviet researcher and swimming teacher had scientifically pioneered the idea of giving birth in water. Tjarkovsy has facilitated the births of hundreds of babies in a warm tank of water using his method since then. Seventeen years later, Michel Ordent, a French obstetrician, started the use of the warm tub. The technique proved to be highly popular and spread rapidly. By the 1980s, more than four thousand babies in the USA had been born through water birth.
To start birthing, the mother in labor is placed in a tub with warm water. The baby is monitored by a special underwater device. The mother stays in the tub while she labors and she can choose whether to give birth while submerged or give birth outside the tub. If the baby is submerged when it is delivered, it is perfectly safe because babies do not breathe in air until they are exposed to air. An attendant quickly takes the baby out of the water and hands it to the mother. This process must always be under the supervision of trained medical personnel and should not be attempted on your own.

Despite its unconventional nature, many nurses and healthcare practitioners say that water birthing has many benefits. The mother is not overtly stressed or anxious because the water soothes her muscles and there is less pain than conventional birthing because water stimulates the body's natural pain inhibitors. The water also provides buoyancy which makes it easier for the mother to change positions and it also provides privacy for many self-conscious or first-time moms. The water also provides a less traumatizing environment for the baby because it is similar to the womb's environment and shields it from sound and light, thus preventing over stimulation at birth. Many midwives, obstetricians and birthing experts say that water birth can also minimize fetal complications.

If you choose to deliver your baby through water birthing, look for a hospital or birthing center that allows water birth and has medical personnel trained in the process. It is also recommended that you inspect the tub and the birthing equipment before you give birth, as well as their prices. Renting a tub may be an option too. If you are going to give birth at your nearest hospital, review their policies on water birth (some do not welcome it yet). Also, check on your insurance company to see if they will cover the expenses of your water birth.

Despite its many benefits, water birth is not for everyone. It cannot be performed for breeched, premature and multiple births. If you have had a risky diagnosis during your pregnancy (e.g. susceptibility to bleeding or an infection), talk to your doctor first. Having herpes, which is transferred through water, is also not ideal for water birth. If your body is quite inflexible, you may also have to resort to the conventional way.

(Source: Ezine Articles)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Last weekend was among the slowest weekend I ever had, which is good...

I woke up quite early even after i slept very late on Friday nite or shud i say saturday morning... i tdo lebih kurg pukol 4am.. i rase. i sibuk wat assignment "Asian Business Environment" coz i kene submit on Saturday morning before 12noon. I bgn lbh kurg kol 8am. Bath n bought bfast. Bl dh beli nasi lemak br I woke my bB up. Since i knew i was pregnant, dr Chung advised me not to drive coz i'm under medication which is a bit sleepy. merbahaya gak drive. so i kejut bB. after bfast, say abt 10am, kitorg pn grk ke HELP. submitted my 2 assignments. Lepak jap dkt office tu. sesaje la nak tye pe subject lagi nak kene wat n when. according to the officer, another 1 more subject b4 i cud complete my MBA. yeay!!! i kene wat in november. another yeay!!! tat means i cud finish everytin b4 i give birth. after dah menyibuk kn diri kat situ, i pn grk blek. bB said tat he wanted to go back n sambung tdo. ble cam tu??? tdo lagi.... so kitorg pn blek tp otw blek tu smpat beli makanan... tapau jer.... then, the rest of the day flew by mcm tu je.... i takde wat pa pe.. eh!!! ade2.... i sempat kemas umah sket2. hehehe

Ingatkan nak bangun lambat, tp by 9am dah takle tdo. my bB still tdo.. kuat tdo betol bB i ni la... ehehe... baby jgn ikut perangai papa tau... hehhehehe... so, i trus mandi n bl bfast. hari ni i bl roti canai n roti telur. by 12noon br bB bgn n mkn roti telur yg i bl tadi. tetibe tgh layan cite melodi dgn bB, perut i dh wat concert... tringin nak mkn nasi minang. so pe lagi, i ckp la dkt bB. nasib baik dia understanding, n agreed to bring me to kg baru. wpun i tau dia mmg nak relax n xnak kuar umah. by the time spi restaurant tu, perut i dh mmg xle tahan. trus amik nasi, amik lauk n trus makan. tak sempat tggu bB. sorry sayang.. i lapar sgt. i ni jenis kalau lapar sgt, spi ble terketar2. bl dh abis makan tu, rase lega sgt.... tq bB.. coz sanggup bwk i makan. ingat nak singgah umah my miL kt kg br tp tak jadi. otw back tu, i tgk hp, ade misscalls dr my bFF. earlier dia kate nak dtg. nak bwk baby zara yg comel tu. bl i call blek dia tak angkat. sibuk kot. spi umah, lepak2 n my bFF texted me kate dia dh kt umah in laws dia kt setapak. nak dtg ptg sket tp i xble coz sunday ptg till malam is always a nite out with my parents. so, tak jadi la.... huhuhu.. xdpt tgk si comel.... after maghrib, went to fetch parents n went to klcc. kitorg makan kt madam kwan. then after dinner, i felt like drinking coffee bean's hot vanilla. so pe lagi, i pn g la beli. the first sip was like... perrrggghh... sedap.. i minum sambil lepak kt tis one optical shop next to GAP coz my mom nak beli her glassses. try punye try.. finally dpt pe yg dia nak... bl i tgk price dia.. i was like.. shoot..... mahal nye... just for a reading glasses. tp mcm my mom kate, dulu diorg susah.. skang dh tua br dpt rase benda2 mcm ni... my dad senyum jer... hehehe... pastu, kitorg g mothercare coz my mom insist nak tgk the moses basket 4 dia nye 1st grandchild. i ikut jer... yer la... mama n papa nak byr. wakakak.. i dgn bB okie jer... hehehhe.. alhamdulillah... rezeki baby... tp xbeli lg coz xde stock. kene dtg ari khamis. since khamis i ade appt doc, so we've decided to come after my gynae appt. abt 10 sumtin, kitorg blek... antar my parents. once kami spi umah, pe lagi, zzzZZZzzzzz.....

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Wonder...

I'll be 5 months pregnant next week... Happy!!! But there are things that made me wonder. The changes that i have to go through. First of all wud be my tummy. Duh!!! Then, the baby's 1st kick.

Of coz by now the tummy is growing bigger and bigger. Tapi yg make me wonder is my belly button. Cepat sgt dia mcm nak bulging out. Even skarang kalau i try nak masuk kan my belly ring, the ring akan terkeluar dr belly button hole. And the collor of my belly button pn semakin gelap. Which i think that's normal... kan?????

Baby's 1st kick
it started last week. i tak tau whether it's a kick atau juz gas. yer la mane penah rase kan.. 1st baby la kate kan. rase dia tak kuat tp mcm best. hehehe... it always happen kat lower part of the tummy. slalu nye in the morning and petang. tak kisah la whether it's the kicking or not, i nak gak anggap it's the kicking. hehheeehhehe..

Oh ya!!! another thing. Yeay!!! it's here.. Akhirnya!!! my baby's diaper back. hubby n i ordered a backpack diaper bag coz yer la.. most of the time bb will be bringing it kan... so backpack wud be much better. hehehe... And it's black.. Cute kan??? (hehehe.. perasan...)

It is just nice for outing use. it comes with a changing mat and bottle holder. Interior is stripey blue. it as alot of compartments. Even tho, kite dh beli bag ni, tp i cam nak bl bag satu lagi.. coz i've been eyeing on this one Kate Spade diaper bag.. cun gak.. tp tgk dulu la.. baby tak kuar lagi tp bag nak beli lagi.. hehehe...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Physio Session

i just got back from gleneagles hospital. went there for a physio session. today was my 5th session. i like going there... coz it helps to ease my headache. at first i tot it was a normal migrain but this time around it was bad and lasted for almost a week for three weeks in a row. so, went to see m gynae, in case la ade kene mengena dgn pregnancy. tp dia cakap tak... coz slalunye bl pregnant, jarang akan kene migrain coz u're hormon akan tolong... sumtin mcm tu la... so, my gynae, dr chung recommended me to this neuro specialist at gleneagles hosp, name dr brenda. g la jpe dia n she said tat my shoulder is tensed, mayb due to my sitting position.... itu la cite camne i kene g physio... skang dh kurang sket. normally activities yg dibuat best coz cam g spa... coz ade massage.... hikhik.. i luvvvvvvv massages.... mcm tadi... memula dia gune machine ultra sound... which is similar to the ultra sound that is use to scan tummy preggy woman tu tp takde screen. they use the wave from the tool to massage the tensed shoulder. then, dia wat lipan. sakit tp best coz the after effect tu. trus headache ilang.... then, i wat traction. dia ikat kepala i n tarik... huhuhu.. tak sakit tp mcm rase panjang je leher i pas tu. heheheh.... pastu i was exercise sket... then, blek.. my next session will be this coming thursday...

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I had the shock of my life today... panic attack gile.. the story started when... i purposely tak ikut bB g his bowling tournament today coz nak wat assignmnt coz next Saturday dah nak kene submit. so, i stayed at home. wat la assignmnt. around 5 sumtin, i rehat la jap coz been doing the work since morning non-stop (eh... stop jap utk lunch... heheheh...). i rehat by surfing the net.. saje jer tgk blog yg offer wat aqiqah nye stuff n at the same time i pn surf my assignmnt nye stuff. tetibe je, my laptop hang with a beeping sound... i pn pe la lagi kelam kabut la... coz i xsempat nak save my assignmnt. nyawa tu.. i per lagi, kejut my bB yg tdo atas sofa sambil dh nak nangis ni. dia pun bangun n try tgk tp xle nak wat pa per.... i try check my thumbdrive gune my mini-hp. kot2 la i ade save my assgmnt b4 tis ker. unfortunately not la kan... my bB trus pujuk i. kate nak bwk ke Low Yat, kot2 ble baiki. i pun pe la lagi.. trus mandi n bersiap. then, trus nak gerak but b4 tat kitorg sempat singgah ke dobi antar baju utk basuh, then makan. perut kene jaga gak. lapar banget!!! cian baby.... so, kitorg decided to go to my bB's fren's kedai makan. while eating there, kitorg pn cite la kat bB's fren about our laptop problem. nak jadi kan cite, it so happened ade kawan dia yg tgh makan tu pandai baiki. alhamdulillah.... dia pun try tgk n suh kitorg amik in 3 hrs. sementara ati bdebar whether ble ke baiki ke tak... kitorg singgah tesco ampang.. beli grocery. lagi pun bB nak wat oreo blended n i tringin nak wat chillie tuna pasta. after an hr or so, kawan tu call kate dh siap. nasib baik dh abis beli brg. trus g kedai kawan bB. amik laptop n cube on. Alhamdulillah.... semua okie... even the unsaved files. coz office kan ade recovery system memang bersyukur sgt. i suke... i suke... nak byr dia tp xnak trime coz dia tak baiki pa pe pun cume recover the backup system jer... tp kitorg kasi gak sket... yer la... cian dia wat keje. so.. i've learned my lesson. to save my files every time i stop even for few seconds and to save a backup file in the thumdrive or external hard disk.....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby... oh... Baby

Well... eventhough it's still too early to buy anything for baby but I cant help myself from buying. it's like calling me to buy.... i guess hubby n i agak excited kot. Walaupun banyak org nasihatkan jangan beli pa pe until the 7th month... u know what, ade 1 of my fren from office suh i beli on the day i akan beranak... no way man... camne nak beli... tgh sakit... lagi pun i rase am tak patut kot last minit nak beli. nanti kan byk benda tak beli.. pastu selonggok barang nak beli... huhuhu... so, hubby n i have decided to buy bit by bit, month by month. so, our planning will be...


Bought stuff from Pureen warehouse sale.


Stroller, carry cot, car seat (BOUGHT)

Moses basket (BOUGHT)

Clothes (BOUGHT)

Diaper bag (BOUGHT)


Feeding Bottles & Teets

Bottles Drying Rack


Bath Tub with Hammock (mommy aya kate nak kasi kan??? hehehe)


Paint the room

Build in cabinet for baby's room

Medicine set

Grooming set



Nursing pillow



Baby cot & mattress

Crib set

Last minute preparation for baby's room



i hope i covered everything. itu planning jer la. hopefully rezeki lebih masuk. heheheh.. insyaallah... amin. hehehe...

and by the way, baby got his first gift. it's a baby thermometer. it was given by Aunty Zara. good... good... at least bleh tahu suhu air.. panas sgt ke tak.. yeay!!! thank u aunty zara...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


finally... i have my own blog. yaY!!! i've been wanting to have my own blog for a very2 long time.. it's juz tat tak de masa nk create 1 except for my online shopping blog, which dh takde since January. ntah la.. suddenly i ada 1 perasaan nak bcite.. wah!!! ble camtu??? hikhik... furthermore, bB cam support jer... n at the same time i tgk my BFF pn ade blog. dia cite psal preggy time, giving birth, etc.... best!!! lagi pun... after waiting for a very longggggggggggggg time, alhamdulillah... Allah S.W.T gave bB n i the best news in our lives... i'm pregnant. i want to share my happiness with everyone...
skang ni, i dh 18 weeks pregnant. memula, bila scan mcm nampak tak nampak jer sex dia. after third scanning last week, dr. Chung told me,

me: "doc, boy or girl?"
doc: "see... see... u can c his thingy.... so confirm, it's a BOY".

kitorg happy jer, boy or girl. yg penting, the baby is healthy. tp i taknak over excited sgt about the gender. coz things can turn out differently rite??? mungkin, kalau lambat sket mayb i confident sket kot. tp brg dh start beli.... far, his development is fine. semuanye ok... alhamdulillah. but by 5th or 6th month, dr. Chung akan check if there is any abnomarlity with his heart. Mintak2 semua okie.... insyaallah....