Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Physio Session

i just got back from gleneagles hospital. went there for a physio session. today was my 5th session. i like going there... coz it helps to ease my headache. at first i tot it was a normal migrain but this time around it was bad and lasted for almost a week for three weeks in a row. so, went to see m gynae, in case la ade kene mengena dgn pregnancy. tp dia cakap tak... coz slalunye bl pregnant, jarang akan kene migrain coz u're hormon akan tolong... sumtin mcm tu la... so, my gynae, dr chung recommended me to this neuro specialist at gleneagles hosp, name dr brenda. g la jpe dia n she said tat my shoulder is tensed, mayb due to my sitting position.... itu la cite camne i kene g physio... skang dh kurang sket. normally activities yg dibuat best coz cam g spa... coz ade massage.... hikhik.. i luvvvvvvv massages.... mcm tadi... memula dia gune machine ultra sound... which is similar to the ultra sound that is use to scan tummy preggy woman tu tp takde screen. they use the wave from the tool to massage the tensed shoulder. then, dia wat lipan. sakit tp best coz the after effect tu. trus headache ilang.... then, i wat traction. dia ikat kepala i n tarik... huhuhu.. tak sakit tp mcm rase panjang je leher i pas tu. heheheh.... pastu i was exercise sket... then, blek.. my next session will be this coming thursday...

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