Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today, bB n i tak keje. Cuti. coz nak g gynae appt n run some erran with mommy dearest. we started the day dgn amik mama kat umah dia. then, g bfast kat kedai mamak nearby. tgh makan dpt plak msg dr clinic yg dr chung ada emergency procedure. so dia suh dtg lmbt sket. ptt nye appt kol 10am so we took our time mkn n reached there abt 1030am. spi je kene wat urine test. bl dh turn kitorg, dr chung scanned my tummy. alhamdulillah... semuanye ok n dr chung tunjukkan the real bukti yang our baby is a boy. gembira tol my bB n my mom. b4 blek, dr chung amik darah. byk tol n spi bengkak tgn i...

**bengkak sket je.. xteruk pun.. manja jer lebih... hehehe **

Abis je appt, kitorg trus g atria. nak beli stroller. kitorg dh tgk dh ari tu. my bB berkenan peg perego skate...

Tp... berat sgt... the stroller itself weigh between 12kg to 14kg. tu tk termasuk baby lg. my mom tak berapa setuju wpun she said that the design is nice. she said tat i'm small... nnt sorg2 nak angkat stroller masuk kete.. naya.... at it will take up space. lain la klu i dribe 4 wheel or mpv. ni naik vios jer... mane muat. in the end, we decided to take peg perego pliko p3 coz of the features n tak berat sgt, abt 8 kg je. n we got carry cot, carrier cum car seat n diaper bag 4 a very good price.


  • One-hand folding for quick closing and carrying

  • Travel System-compatible-the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 car seat attaches easily
  • Hinged front tray opens and removes easily
  • Hood with handy pocket has peek-a-boo window and unzips to become sun canopy
  • Large, handy storage basket holds necessities
  • Telescoping handles with ergonomic rubber grips and a side cup holder that attaches and detaches easily
  • Comfortable, contoured seat
  • Unique five-point "Freedom of Movement" safety harness for security and well-being of the child
  • Built-in rear footboard provides safe ride for second passenger
  • All-wheel suspension, swivel front wheels, "one-step" rear wheel brakes
  • Four-position backrest, two-position footrest
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Handle for carrying when folded
  • Removable, hand-washable upholstery
  • Variety of useful accessories available (sold separately)
  • JPMA* safety certified
  • Made in Italy

But we will only be getting the item in december as i don want take the display unit.. coz ade satu jer yang tinggal. tapi bB n i still undecided whwther to take red or blue. so, nnt brg sampai baru kitorg choose coz store asst. tu kate each color akan datang at least 1 set. so tunggu jer la... pastu, my mom nak g mothercare klcc. dia nak sgt beli utk cucu dia moses basket. ingat nak beli moses basket jer, tp kitorg terbeli barang2 lain gak tapi dlm quantity yg kecil la...hehehe...

**sepatutnye the bottom of the basket tu ade white color cover yang cantik tp mama amik utk bawk ke tailor utk wat cover baru. so togel la basket tu. Basket comes with thin mattress**

**These are the other items beli; fitted sheet for moses basket, blanket for the basket (blue), 7 pcs short sleeves bodysuit, 2 sets of long sleeves body suits (white), 2 mittens n a hat**

....mama n papa tak sabar nak jumpe baby..... n tq tok mama n tok we' for the moses basket.
Pas dah puas bershopping, antar mama blek then trus g physio. today is my last day. by 5pm abis the session. singgah kedai buku jap n spi umah by 6pm. ala... cam ari keje je... huhuh.. penat...
n...i'm so happy today n yesterday coz bB did all the cooking. and he is a great cook. esterday dia masak ayam masak cili hijau dgn telur goreng. n today dia masak ayam mexican berlada. sedap!!! thx darling.. luv u so much,...

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