Thursday, August 6, 2009


finally... i have my own blog. yaY!!! i've been wanting to have my own blog for a very2 long time.. it's juz tat tak de masa nk create 1 except for my online shopping blog, which dh takde since January. ntah la.. suddenly i ada 1 perasaan nak bcite.. wah!!! ble camtu??? hikhik... furthermore, bB cam support jer... n at the same time i tgk my BFF pn ade blog. dia cite psal preggy time, giving birth, etc.... best!!! lagi pun... after waiting for a very longggggggggggggg time, alhamdulillah... Allah S.W.T gave bB n i the best news in our lives... i'm pregnant. i want to share my happiness with everyone...
skang ni, i dh 18 weeks pregnant. memula, bila scan mcm nampak tak nampak jer sex dia. after third scanning last week, dr. Chung told me,

me: "doc, boy or girl?"
doc: "see... see... u can c his thingy.... so confirm, it's a BOY".

kitorg happy jer, boy or girl. yg penting, the baby is healthy. tp i taknak over excited sgt about the gender. coz things can turn out differently rite??? mungkin, kalau lambat sket mayb i confident sket kot. tp brg dh start beli.... far, his development is fine. semuanye ok... alhamdulillah. but by 5th or 6th month, dr. Chung akan check if there is any abnomarlity with his heart. Mintak2 semua okie.... insyaallah....


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