Friday, August 14, 2009

I Wonder...

I'll be 5 months pregnant next week... Happy!!! But there are things that made me wonder. The changes that i have to go through. First of all wud be my tummy. Duh!!! Then, the baby's 1st kick.

Of coz by now the tummy is growing bigger and bigger. Tapi yg make me wonder is my belly button. Cepat sgt dia mcm nak bulging out. Even skarang kalau i try nak masuk kan my belly ring, the ring akan terkeluar dr belly button hole. And the collor of my belly button pn semakin gelap. Which i think that's normal... kan?????

Baby's 1st kick
it started last week. i tak tau whether it's a kick atau juz gas. yer la mane penah rase kan.. 1st baby la kate kan. rase dia tak kuat tp mcm best. hehehe... it always happen kat lower part of the tummy. slalu nye in the morning and petang. tak kisah la whether it's the kicking or not, i nak gak anggap it's the kicking. hehheeehhehe..

Oh ya!!! another thing. Yeay!!! it's here.. Akhirnya!!! my baby's diaper back. hubby n i ordered a backpack diaper bag coz yer la.. most of the time bb will be bringing it kan... so backpack wud be much better. hehehe... And it's black.. Cute kan??? (hehehe.. perasan...)

It is just nice for outing use. it comes with a changing mat and bottle holder. Interior is stripey blue. it as alot of compartments. Even tho, kite dh beli bag ni, tp i cam nak bl bag satu lagi.. coz i've been eyeing on this one Kate Spade diaper bag.. cun gak.. tp tgk dulu la.. baby tak kuar lagi tp bag nak beli lagi.. hehehe...


  1. cantik banget...Tommy nak ke geng dgn maclaren nanti?...wakakakaka...BTW, aku pun rasa cam nk beli lg 1 diaper bag la..nak beli backpack jugak..ngehehehe..senang skit kan klu daddy nk bawak...Smlm kan we all kuar, so bawak la diaper bag yg ada tuh..Kan ke dia sling bag, macam gegirl dah aku tgk daddy nye... hahahaha...Tak sesuai gitu...

  2. biasa la tu... tak kan ble ade satu jer... mesti kene ade byk options... hehehe