Monday, October 5, 2009

**the Joy of Pain**

Today, I'm 27 weeks pregnant. Happy to the max... Alhamdulillah.... Sejak dh pregnant ni, I suka sgt baca blog other mommies' blogs. diorg ni byk tol interesting stuff to write. i ni tak pandai sgt menulis... nasib baik la karangan time sPM dpt 4 (klu sblom the actual exam tu.. memanjang je dpt 7...) huhuhu... i like reading their stories.. antara blogs yg i rase manarik utk dibaca adalah ---> It's MyLife MyDiary by missamie, Living Our Dreams by farshidhanin (sweet sgt...), Journey of My little Precious by AiraHaniza, Honey To The Bee by Hanis, etc. And one of the lastest updates by Hanis was about her being 6 months pregnant... The writing is quoted as...
"Can you believe that your six months along? Your uterus is now 1 ½ - 2 ½ inches above your belly button and is the size of a basketball. In fact, people may say that you look like you swallowed a basketball. Now you know why. You are feeling the baby kick more, since he is getting stronger and he still has plenty of room in there to play some soccer. Your abdomen is aching and itchy as the ligaments continue to stretch. Common physical symptoms include constipation, heart burn, bloating, indigestion, headaches, dizziness, nasal congestion, bleeding gums, increased appetite, leg cramps, swelling, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, itchy stomach, protruding naval, backache, skin changes, fuller breasts, carpal tunnel, tingly hands and feet, and clumsiness. You may start getting bored and impatient with this pregnancy thing, as that seems to be what defines you right now. Anxiety about the baby and about how life will be with baby is also common as reality sets in. Calm your anxiety by focusing on the nursery, taking a hospital or birth center tour, and registering for a birth class".
Tol tau... byk symptoms yang dia tulis tu i ada rase. i ingat i ni berpenyakit ker pe ke yg disebabkan i jatuh itu ari... sakit2 yang i slalue rase:
constipation (since day 1)
nasal congestion plus ade blood jugak kat i nye booger...
increased appetite (not a problem for me)
protruding naval (cute wey...)
leg cramp, bud cramp
itchy tummy
clumsiness (ni dah lama ni... sejak azali)
joint pain
so, sejak membaca pe yang HANIs tulis... i rase happy sgt. coz i takde la bermasalah... rupa2 nye common symptoms... Thanks babe...


  1. hi baby,
    ni yana la..amnah bg blog add ni..aku follow la ur blog since ko xde fb nk connect blog aku hampeh je, xpndai nk blogging, xtau pe nk tulis n out dated huhu..
    nway, happy to see u again..
    there's a miracle that's not yet born..
    ...just waiting to be yours
    happy mother-to-be, babe =)

  2. yana?? woi!! lamer tak dgr cite... pe khabar.. fb ade, cume tak active.. nanti aku meng'active' kn diri blek k...

  3. i'm fine n terlampau sihat n bulat huhu..
    wokeh, nnti ble dh meng'active'kn diri add aku k - liyana ptitsa