Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Astro Byond

What is Astro B.yond?

According to Astro's website, Astro B.yond is a multi-phased innovation that begins with the first-ever High-Definition broadcast service in Malaysia. It is an entertainment experience like never before, the new standard in television.
After all the ads that kept playing, kitorg pn terpengaruh utk melanggan Astro B.yond. i pun call diorg nye hotline. According to their rep, utk installation takyah byr pa pe. klu nk kite swap the new equipment with the old equipment (i.e. remote control, dish, decoder). tp klu taknak swap, nak simpan je old equipment, kene byr RM80. tp mende nye nak simpan, bkn ble pki. wat simpan sawang jer...
then, monthly payment pn hanye bermula in april. skang byr mcm normal price. start april, kene byr additional rm20, plus u akan dapat additional 4 channels.
ade contract for 2 years ( tak salah i la...), tak le cancel within this period. ada penalty.
So, after further discussion, hubby pn suh amik. rep tu kate, another rep akn call within 24 hrs n they'll install it within 10 working day.
n tat was last week, n fnally i got mine yesterday!!! yeay!!!


  1. Besttt ke??...Aku nk pasang kat condo tuh nanti lah....Now aku tgh bz mencari2 deco2 yg menarik tuk deco condo tu...

  2. hi babe, yana ni..yeay! congrats on ur lil boy weeeeee!! ^^
    nnti jemput la dtg wedding aku tau
    14th feb 2010 (sunday)
    dewan mbsa kg. paya jaras tengah
    really happy for u dear