Tuesday, September 8, 2009

luv da girls!!!

Last weekend, met up with my girlfrens n partners n the lil' princess. lame tol tak hang out dgn diorg. wen to marche the curve for buka puasa session. initially, i patut jumpa my bFF, aya n family at 5pm tp since i had to run some errands i.e. antar baju g dobi, beli few things... i reached the urve dlm kol 7pm. time tu aya dh ada kat table. so, finally dpt jpe the lil princess. time i gi visit the mommy dulu dia still kat hospital... finaly, dpt jumpa dia face to face... slalunye dpt tgk hr pictures yg mommy dia slalu mms...

**the lil' cutie**

bile bB bercakap dgn dia, pandai tol layan blek... nak ajak beembang. pandai tol si kecik ni... hehehe... cant wait for u to meet mama dD's baby nanti... hope u guys can be gud frens..

5 mins later, diana, ana n partner, mas & amin semua ada... n then semua trus serbu the food. we eat, chit chat, eat, chit chat, eat, chit chat, spi three hours. man... these people can really eat. lol!!

so here are some of the pics yg bB managed to take....

**me N my forever love**

**frenz forever**

**yours truly...ana...mas...diana...aya time nak lek in front of TGIF (tp kitorg mk kat marche... asal amik pic kt sini plak???)**

**aya & mas**

since next week dh nak raya, we're thinking of having another berbuka puasa session this coming weekend. coz d other day few of our girls n partners were not around coz they had other things to do... so hopefully, this comng weekend linda, joy n yin could join the session...

p/s: mas, ur bangkok story mmg best n funny giler!!! wakakak...

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