Tuesday, May 11, 2010


the title says it all... i feel so tired today... mainly coz of the event that i participated yesterday. eventho, i'm not from consumer side, tp zara ajak tolong. *tambah markah utk KPI tuh* ... it was held at Royal Chulan hotel. it's basically for the bankers (consumer) to mingle with their top depositors... mcm appreciation party la.. best gak la... tapi xsempat nak took pictures. busy sgt. started with jazz performance, followed by stand-up comedy by Buddy Loren n sambung blek dgn jazz performance. While being entertained n makan, customers pun ble tgk kete2 Porche and harley bike yang ada. and the emcee for the day was Daphne Iking *luv her bangs*. pastu dlm kol 615pm, i chow... coz kaki ni dh menggletar penat berdiri.... heheh *caM org tua*

i jaga yang ni.....

with the super gorgeous emcee....

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