Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank U mY LurvE

ola la la... still cuti sampai sunday... tp ade appointment dgn physician to follow up on my condition since im still having the short of breath thingy n on and off fever. check punye la check, nothing wrong with my lungs. clear. tp he's worried with my heart beat. dia kate it is too fast even for a pregnant lady. so, he sent me to see doc jantung (sowi.. tak ingat pe medical term utk tis kind of doctors)... waited a while. luckily, para2 pesakit yang ada mengasihani perempuan yang mengandung. maka, diberikan laluan utk berjumpa doctor dahulu. Wah!!! gitu.. dr dewi tu kate ade slight leakage tp it is normal n she agreed that my hear beat is fast. tp nothing major. mite be from the pregnancy. hmmph... so, the oni thing yg ble wat is to wait until i deliver the baby. klu ada lagi, then baru nakwat rawatan susulan. hampa.... tp takpe.. yg penting baby sihat. mommy tak kisah sayang.
petang, bB called to ask nak makan ape (oh... skang i tak masak coz hubby dearest tak kasi masak. doc adviced tak kasi wat keje berat n memenatkan.. penat ke?? alhamdulillah.... senang idup...). dia kate nak beli nasi goreng. nasi goreng lagi... tapi i tak nak. jadi dia suggested to cook. yeay.... bB i ni mmg ble masak tp ikut mood. so, ari ni dia masak sambal tumis ikan bilis n telur goreng. walaupun simple, tp thoughts that matter kn???

**mr Asrul my luv,
Thank you for being such a good husband especially during times that i need u the most. i luv u so much....**

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